Saturday, February 20, 2010

Outhouse Tipping

My Dad used to tell me about tipping outhouses over when he was a kid.  His story is much more interesting than mine.

When my Dad was young in Terril, Iowa, he and his friends used to tip over outhouses on Halloween.  Maybe other times too.  There was one guy in town whose outhouse they would tip over every Halloween.  The "owner" of this particular outhouse thought he would catch them in the act so he hid inside the outhouse, waiting.  My Dad and his friends discovered he was hiding and waiting for them so they stealthily approached the outhouse, positioned themselves on the back side and tipped the outhouse with the owner inside, over on its door.  As they ran away, they could hear him yelling for someone to get him out.  What fun is that?

When I was in high school, some of my friends and I were wondering what to do on a Halloween and remembering my father's exploits with outhouses, I suggested we find one and tip one over.  How hard could that be--this was the Ozarks after all.  I don't remember how long it took us to find one but we did come upon an old, abandoned outhouse off the road a piece in the woods.  We jumped out of the car, positioned ourselves on one side and tipped it over.  We ran back to the car and sped off so as not to get caught.  We decided it was so much fun though that we went back, jumped out of the car, ran to the overturned outhouse, tipped it back up and then tipped it over again.  Yup, that was fun.  Haven't got to do it again since but if I ever find another outhouse, it's going over.  If that happens, I'll post a picture.

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